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Male waxing has become extremely popular with up to 40% of men in major cities choosing to get a mens wax. There are a number of men-only male waxing salons who make getting a wax as a man effortless, with no embarrassing questions or strange looks as you walk into the waxing salon.

We have partnered with the best male waxing salons, salons who specialise in waxing men & are comfortable with male bodies, to make booking your next male wax effortless. All of our mens waxing salons have been rated by other men so you can see other people’s experiences at the male waxing salon.

Some of the most popular types of mens waxing are: mens chest waxing, male leg waxing, mens arm waxing & mens back waxing & male bikini waxing.

There are a number of extremely popular male waxing salon in the UK, including: Ministry of Waxing, House of Wax & Waxing The City. We have also put together a quick male waxing guide, to answer any questions that you might have about male waxing.

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We have put together a short male waxing guide to help you know everything you need to know about male waxing. It covers all of the questions that customers usually ask waxing salons and also questions that men would like to ask waxing salons but are too embarrassed to ask:

Male Waxing Guide

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