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Leg Waxing – What You Need To Know

Leg waxing is one of the most popular waxing treatments in any waxing salon. More than 50% of women get their legs waxed every single month. Leg waxing is 10x easier, 10x quicker & lasts 10x longer than shaving or epilating your legs.

Why is Leg Waxing So Popular?

Everyone loves having silky smooth legs, it doesn’t matter whether matter whether you are wearing a ball gown or a causal pair of Sunday jeans. Keeping your legs smooth can be extremely time consuming & sometimes hard work. This is what makes leg waxing so popular!

What Happens During a Leg Waxing Treatment

Women have been waxing for hundreds of years, dating back to Ancient Egypt. Leg waxing is the traditional way of keeping legs hair free, techniques have improved over the years with many waxing salons starting to use stripless hot wax which is less painful than many old school waxing techniques.

When using hot stripless wax for your leg waxing treatment your waxing therapist will heat up the wax so it is in smooth liquid form with the consistency of honey. It is then applied to your leg, cools in a few seconds and quickly hardens. The hardened wax is then quickly pulled of like a regular waxing strip along with your unwanted leg hair.

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What are The Different Types of Leg Waxing Treatments

Lower Leg Wax

A lower leg wax removes all of the leg hair below your knee & is idea for women wearing mid to long length dress & shirts.

Upper Leg Wax

An upper leg wax will remove all of the unwanted leg hair above your knee. An upper leg wax is not a very popular choice for most women as they will usually just decide to have a full leg wax.

Full Leg Wax

Not much to leave to the imagination! A full leg wax is exactly what it says on the tin, your waxing therapist will remove all the unwanted hair from both your upper leg & lower leg. This is the most popular choice for most women who also tend to combine a full leg wax with a bikini wax.

Getting a Leg Wax? Here is How To Prepare!

There a few things you can do to prepare for your leg wax that can make your leg waxing treatment quicker & slightly less painful.

Ensure You Have Enough Hair to Wax

We strongly recommend that you do not wax or shave your legs in between your waxing appointments. You will need at least 0.5cm of hair on your legs for your waxing therapist to give you the perfect leg wax.

Time Your Leg Wax Appointment Perfectly

You should avoid booking your leg wax appointment in the week leading up to your period, as the skin on your legs may feel slightly more sensitive, making your leg wax feel more painful than usual.