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Body Waxing – What You Need To Know

Whether your deciding on getting a leg wax, bikini wax or a cheeky moustache wax, I will hold my hands up and say that body waxing is the best semi-permanent hair removal method you will ever come across. Most waxing treatments can leave your skin silky smooth & hair free for up to 4 weeks!

So drop the razor & the expensive epilator & get ready for smooth waxed skin!

Why is Body Waxing So Popular?

Over half of women regularly, one of the question we hear all of the time is… why is waxing so popular? Waxing is hands down one of the quickest ways to remove unwanted hair from your body. Waxing is also one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted hair from your body, it can take up to 4 weeks for your unwanted hair to reappear after your waxing treatment. This is what makes body waxing so popular, speed & effectiveness!

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Who Can Get Body Waxing Treatments

Women have been waxing for hundreds of years, dating back to Ancient Egypt. Most waxing salons prefer their clients to be over 18, so if you are over 18 you can get your body waxing in any waxing salon that have an available appointment.

We strongly recommend that you do not shave the area that you would like waxed for up to 2 weeks before your waxing appointment.

What are The Different Types of Body Waxing Treatments

Hollywood Bikini Waxing

Hollywood Bikini Waxing treatments & Brazilian Bikini Waxing treatments are very very similar. You will notice that with a Hollywood Bikini wax, rather than leaving a well-groomed neat little landing strip of pubic hair, your waxing therapist will remove all of your pubic hair. Leaving you with a perfect hair-free bikini area.

Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Brazilian Bikini Waxing is very similar the popular Hollywood Bikini Waxing treatment. Both types of waxing are extremely popular with many women. Brazilian Bikini Waxing leaves you with a cute neat little landing strip and is the ideal bikini wax for women who want to keep just a bit of pubic hair and not go completely hair-free in their bikini area.

French Bikini Waxing

Lots of women think that a French Bikini Wax is the same as a Standard Bikini Wax, but they aren’t the same! A French Bikini Wax leave you with a deeper bikini line, and is perfect for high waisted summer bikinis. French Bikini Waxing is becoming very popular!

Standard Bikini Waxing

A standard bikini wax is a good choice for any woman who is looking for a quick solution to look great in their summer bikini and for those who just want to give their bikini area a little bit of maintenance. Your standard bikini wax removes all pubic hair around & your bikini line to ensure your bikini area looks neat & tidy.

Lower Leg Waxing

Lower leg waxing is a waxing treatment which removes all of the hair below your knee of your leg & is idea for women who plan on wearing mid to long length dress & shirts.

Upper Leg Waxing

An upper leg wax is not a very popular choice for most women as they will usually just decide to have a full leg wax. An upper leg waxing treatment will remove all of the unwanted leg hair above your knee but just stops shy of your buttocks.

Full Leg Waxing

A full leg waxing treatment is exactly what it says on the tin, your waxing therapist will remove all the hair from both your upper leg & lower leg leaving you with hair-free silky smooth legs. Full leg waxing is the most popular choices for most women who also tend to combine a full leg wax with a bikini wax.

Getting a Body Wax? Here is How To Prepare!

There a few things you can do to prepare for your wax that can make your waxing treatment quicker & slightly less painful.

Ensure You Have Enough Hair to Wax

We strongly recommend that you do not wax or shave your between your waxing appointments. For most body waxing treatments you will need at least 0.5cm of hair for your waxing therapist to give you the perfect wax.

Time Your Leg Wax Appointment Perfectly

You should avoid booking your wax appointment in the week leading up to your period, as the skin on your body may feel slightly more sensitive, making your wax treatment feel more painful than usual.