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Just Had A Wax? Here Is The Perfect After Wax Advice?

Have you just had your wax & are looking for information to keep your beautiful hair-free skin looking great?

Our team of waxing experts have put together the perfect after wax guide, letting you know exactly how to keep your bikini, legs face or arms looking spot free and perfect.

Guide To The Perfect After Wax Care

Freshly Waxed? Here is What To Do!


We strongly recommend using an antibacterial wash to keep your freshly waxed area clean & germ free. This will help maintain your new smooth hair-free skin & avoid any unnecessary skin irritation.


Use a light oil-free cream to moisturise your freshly waxed area lightly. We have found that Tea Tree & Lavender are two of the must have ingredients in your light moisturiser. Tea Tree has antibacterial properties, so it aims to kill germs & sooth your sore skin.


4 Days after your wax we recommend that you start to use an exfoliation mitt on your waxed area. This will gently remove all of your dead skin, which really helps prevent ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs create those nasty bumps on your skin, so use an exfoliation mitt 4 days after your wax to avoid this!


As waxing legend accurately states… ensure you get waxed every four to six weeks. Regular waxing dramatically reduces hair re-growth by thinning your hair follicles. You will notice that your wax will start to become significantly less painful as you start to get waxed regularly, every four to 6 weeks.

Just Waxed? Here is Not What To Do!



Avoid exercise or any friction based activities (cough cough) for the first 12 to 46 hours after your wax. Excessive perspiration must be avoided as this can clog your pours, resulting in ingrown hairs & bumpy skin after your wax.


Stay away from sun beds & fake tan as your freshly waxed skin is in a very fragile state! You skin has just had its hair follicles ripped out. It is in no state for any artificial UV rays no matter how good you will look!


Your beautiful skin may be super sensitive after your wax, no matter how amazing you may look after your wax & your urges to show you smooth skin off! We strongly recommend you avoid saunas, hot showers & hot baths. So not rose petals, slow jams & other halves!


We really really recommend you stay away from all heavy & perfumed moisturisers 12 to 46 hours after your wax. This also includes heavy deodorants. Your skin needs to breath & repair so your wax will look smooth & perfect.

What Can Make Your Wax More Painful?


We recommend that your should be waxing every four to six weeks as this ensures that your hair follicles are thin & dramatically reduces the pain you feel during your waxing treatment.


We have noticed that some medication such as blood thinners may make your skin much more sensitive. This can make your wax feel slightly more painful and your skin could bruise more easily. We strongly recommend you tell the receptionist at your waxing salon about any medication that you may be taking.


During the peak of your menstrual cycle you may feel that your skin is more sensitive, your wax may feel slightly more painful than usual. We strongly recommend you tell the receptionist at your waxing salon if you are at the peak of your menstrual cycle, as there are various techniques experienced therapists can use to make you more comfortable & your wax less painful.


Are you pregnant? Congratulations :)!!! During pregnancy your skin can be slightly more sensitive which may make your wax feel slightly more painful.


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