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South East London is home to London's best body waxing salons and bikini waxing salons. Bikini waxing salons in South East London are very good value for money, when you are visiting a bikini waxing salon in South East London, you should expect to pay between £20 & £35 for bikini waxing treatments, such as a Hollywood bikini wax, Brazilian wax & french bikini wax.

You will be able to find a number of great quality bikini waxing salons & body waxing salons near you when you are in South East London. South East London is home to well known waxing salons such as, Serenity Beauty, The Orchid Studio and The Brazil Waxing & Beauty Company.  We have partnered with the best bikini waxing salons & body waxing salons in South East London.


NandOut Hair & Beauty Waxing Salon - East Croydon, London

East Croydon, London
4.6 From 19  Reviews
Very Popular!  Booked 33 times in the last 24 hours.
Situated near Box Park in East Croydon, NandOut offers a full menu of professional hair and beauty services. With styling for every type of hair, their menu offers a complete list of treatments for afro hair which includes intricate braiding, relaxers

You & Me Hair & Beauty Waxing Salon - Croydon, London

Croydon, London
4.7 From 18  Reviews
Very Popular!  Booked 27 times in the last 24 hours.
You & Me Hair and Beauty Salon situated in Croydon offers anything you may need; from nails to waxing, hair colouring to nonsurgical facials and everything in-between. The team provide nothing short of excellent services from nails to hair and

Buff & Shine Waxing Salon - Lewisham, London

Lewisham, London
3.9 From 21  Reviews
Very Popular!  Booked 50 times in the last 24 hours.
Conveniently situated in the heart of Lewisham, just a few minutes from the rail station, Buff and Shine is a newly opened high-end salon offering an array of services including waxing, massage, reflexology, facial peels and afro hairdressing. The

Kyky's Beauty Therapy at Glamours Hairstyle European Salon Waxing Salon - Forest Hill, London

Forest Hill, London
4.2 From 19  Reviews
Very Popular!  Booked 45 times in the last 24 hours.
Kyky's Beauty is a treatment room based within Glamorous Hairstyles salon, located a brisk five minute walk away from Honor Oak Park Overground station in South East London. Kyky's Beauty works in partnership with Paula's Beauty. Offering

Estyperfect Beauty World Waxing Salon - Camberwell, London

Camberwell, London
3.8 From 21  Reviews
Very Popular!  Booked 41 times in the last 24 hours.
In the heart of London's Camberwell, a ten-minute walk away from Denmark Hill station is Estyperfect Beauty World. A beauty salon dedicated to bringing you the best services in beauty and afro hair dressing. In the industry for over ten years,

Mayor Beauty Place Waxing Salon - Peckham, London

Peckham, London
3.4 From 22  Reviews
Very Popular!  Booked 49 times in the last 24 hours.
Mayor Beauty Place is situated in Peckham, South East London. Mayowa is a fully qualified Holistic Therapist and Beauty Practitioner, she offers a wide range of professional treatments including manicure, pedicure, eye treatments, facials, massages and

Ashnaa Hair & Beauty Waxing Salon - Croydon, London

Croydon, London
4.2 From 15  Reviews
Very Popular!  Booked 25 times in the last 24 hours.
Ashnaa Hair & Beauty is a hair and beauty salon located on George Street in the centre of Croydon. They can cater for all your needs offering waxing, eyelash treatments, haircuts and colouring, massage and an extensive range of facials. This established

Beauty Call Mobile Waxing Salon - Croydon, London

Croydon, London
5.0 From 12  Reviews
Very Popular!  Booked 43 times in the last 24 hours.
Beauty Call is a mobile beauty and massage service for all at affordable prices, available directly to homes within Croydon and surrounding areas. Your therapist, Michelle is highly trained and certified by ITEC, the International Therapy Examination

Fontaine Beauty Room Waxing Salon - Bromley, London

Bromley, London
5.0 From 11  Reviews
Very Popular!  Booked 61 times in the last 24 hours.
Located in Bromley, Fontaine Beauty Room is a massage center offering a range of holistic therapies for all your needs. Specialising in classic massages, these expert therapists work with you to provide various services, from beauty treatments to spiritual

Este Hair Laser & Beauty Clinic Wood Green Waxing Salon - Wood Green, London

Wood Green, London
3.0 From 15  Reviews
Very Popular!  Booked 47 times in the last 24 hours.
Centrally located on Lordship Lane in Wood Green, Este Hair Laser and Beauty Clinic is a salon found in North London which provides a selection of popular treatments. Open Monday to Saturday, the accommodating, friendly staff here will make you feel

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Popular Waxing Locations


Bermondsey London Waxing Salons


Perfectly situated on the South East of London's River Thames, you will find a number of excellent bikini waxing salons and body waxing salons in Bermondsey.


Just a short walk away from waxing salons in Camberwell, Peckham & Kennington.


We have partnered with the best waxing salons in the Bermondsey, South East London area.


Find a Waxing Salon in Bermondsey, London


Camberwell London Waxing Salons


Only a 10 minute walk from the waxing salons in Kennington, Stockwell & Bermondsey, you will find a number of great waxing salons in Camberwell.


Expect to pay between £20 and £40 for bikini waxing in Camberwell South East London.


We have partnered with the best waxing salons in the Camberwell, South East London area.


Find a Waxing Salon in Camberwell, London


Croydon London Waxing Salons


You will find a number of great value for money bikini waxing salons and body waxing salons in Croydon, South East London. Croydon has great transport links.


You should expect to pay between £20 and £40 for normal bikini waxing in Croydon.


We have partnered with the best waxing salons in Croydon, South East London.


Find a Waxing Salon in Croydon, London


Greenwich London Waxing Salons


The beautiful area of Greenwich in South East London, along the River Thames is home to some great bikini waxing salons & body waxing salons. 


You should expect to pay between £20 and £35 for bikini waxing in Greenwich, London.


We have partnered with the best waxing salons in Greenwich, South East London.


Find a Waxing Salon in Greenwich, London


Kennington London Waxing Salons


You will find that bikini waxing salons in Kennington, South East London are excellent value for money, very friendly and really good quality.


Expect to pay between £20 and £40 when booking bikini waxing in Kennington.


We have partnered with the best waxing salons in Kennington, South East London.


Find a Waxing Salon in Kennington, London


Peckham London Waxing Salons


Bikini waxing salons in Peckham, South East London are friendly and great value for money. Peckham is a great place for booking waxing salon appointments.


You should expect to pay between £25 and £35 for bikini waxing in Peckham.


We have partnered with the best waxing salons in the Peckham, South East London.


Find a Waxing Salon in Peckham, London

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Frequently Asked Waxing Questions About Waxing in London

One of the most popular questions we get asked is how much do waxing salons in London charge. Everyone wants to know what they should expect to pay to get bikini waxing or body waxing in London, so you know exactly what the waxing prices should be. Our waxing experts have decided to put together a short guide to London Waxing Prices.

Bikini Waxing Prices in London

Depending on the type or style of bikini waxing that you choose, we would expect you to pay the following range of prices for your bikini wax:

Cheap Bikini Waxing Prices in London

There are a number of very cheap bikini waxing salons in London. We would recommend that you make sure to ask if the therapist providing your treatment is a waxing specialist or just a general beauty therapist. You will definitely notice (feel) the difference & it may be exactly why your bikini wax is cheap. Cheap Bikini Waxing Price Range in London: £15 to £20

Normal Bikini Waxing Prices in London

If you a looking for a great bikini wax without the special fancy treatments that you find in Luxury Spas, we would definitely recommend visiting a normal bikini waxing salon in London. Your bikini waxing treatment will usually be completed by an experienced waxing therapist, making it relatively quick & not as painful as a bikini wax from a cheap waxing salon in London. Normal Bikini Waxing Price Range in London – £20 to £40

Expensive (Luxury) Bikini Waxing Prices in London

For women who want to have full luxury bikini waxing London there are many expensive Luxury Spas which will be more than happy to provide you with a luxury bikini waxing treatment. In Luxury Spas you will usually have an amazingly relaxing experience, robes, candles, saunas & massages. Luxury Bikini Waxing Price Range in London – £40 to £70

Guide Prices for Other Waxing Treatments in London

Leg Waxing

Full leg waxing not including your buttocks Low Leg Waxing Price: £25 Average Leg Waxing Price: £35 High Leg Waxing Price – £50

Underarm Waxing

Standard underarm waxing for both arms Low Underarm Waxing Price: £5 Average Underarm Waxing Price: £10 High Underarm Waxing Price – £25

Arm Waxing

Full arm waxing for both of your arms Low Arm Waxing Price: £15 Average Arm Waxing Price: £25 High Arm Waxing Price – £45
London is one of the best cities for waxing. You will find hundreds of excellent waxing salons throughout London, each with bikini waxing specialists and body waxing specialists. If your wondering what types of waxing you can get in London, our team of experts have put together a London Waxing Guide for you.

Hollywood Bikini Waxing

Hollywood bikini waxing has to be one of the most popular types of Bikini waxing in London Waxing Salons.  A Hollywood bikini wax removes all of your unwanted hair from your pubic area to leave your bikini smooth & beautifully hair-free.  

Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Brazilian Bikini waxing is another very popular bikini waxing treatment in London waxing salons. A  Brazilian bikini wax treatment is very similar to a Hollywood bikini wax. Brazilian bikini waxing removes all unwanted hair from your pubic area but leaves a sexy strip in the middle. Ideal for women who want a smooth hair-free bikini area but do not want to go completely bare.  

Bikini Waxing

Bikini Waxing is one of the most well-know types of boy waxing treatments that you can get in a London Waxing Salon. A Bikini wax removes all unwanted hair around your bikini line, providing beautiful definition to your pubic area. Your London waxing salon should only use hot stripless wax to perform your bikini waxing treatment. Do not accept a bikini wax using strip wax in London, It is know to be more painful & to result in excess ingrown hairs around your bikini area.  

Leg Waxing

Only 2nd to bikini waxing, Leg Waxing in London is another favourite of women in London. Leg waxing in London comes in three different types: Lower Leg Waxing, Upper Leg Waxing & Full Leg Waxing. You should pick the type of leg waxing that is best for you. Leg waxing is one of the best semi-permanent hair removal techniques, it is relatively painless & can keep your legs hair-free for up to 4 weeks.
Yes, you can most certainly have a bikini wax whilst you are on your period, but there are a few things you should be aware of before your waxing appointments:
  • Let your waxing therapist know that you are on your period before they start your wax. This will allow them to adjust their technique where necessary
  • Your skin is likely to feel more sensitive during your period, you may find that your waxing will feel more painful than usual.
  • If you are booking bikini waxing, ensure you wear a tampon to your waxing appointment and dhow the tampon string to your waxing therapist so they can ensure wax doesn’t attached to it.
One of the most common questions asked by first-time waxing clients is, “can I have too much hair to be waxed?”. Well this really depends on which part of your body you are getting waxed. In your bikini area if your pubic hair starts to curl, it is usually a sign that your hair is growing too long for bikini waxing. We would recommend you trim your pubic hair slightly. Remember than you need at least 65cm of pubic hair to get the perfect bikini wax. Hair in the rest of your body will not usually grow too long to be a problem at your waxing appointment…other than your underarms, which should be trimmed if they are excessively long!
This is one of the most common questions that people ask at our waxing salons. We recommend that you aim to book your waxing appointment every 4 to 6 weeks, always ask your waxing therapist how long she thinks you should wait until your next waxing appointment. You will often find that the more you wax, the less painful it becomes as your hair follicles become less coarse. We strongly recommend that you do not shave in between each of your waxing appointments as it makes your hair grown back slightly more coarse.
This is one of the most popular questions that our waxing experts get asked all the time! More than half of all women across the UK get their body waxed at local waxing salons, here are some of the most popular waxing treatments – most popular first:
  1. Hollywood Bikini Waxing
  2. Brazilian Bikini Waxing
  3. Standard Bikini Waxing
  4. Full Leg Waxing
  5. Underarm Waxing
  6. Upper/Lower Leg Waxing
  7. Upper or Lower Lip Waxing
  8. Eyebrow Waxing
  9. French Bikini Waxing
  10. Back Waxing

Timing your wax could be one of the most clever decisions you will make! If you time your waxing appointment perfectly your wax will be dramatically less painful then other times in your menstrual cycle. We normally recommend that the best time in your cycle to book your waxing appointment is during the week after your period. The worst time definitely has to be the week before your period or during your period. You will find that you waxing appointment will be much much more painful during these two time periods.

If you have a skin allergy or you have a specific allergy to a type of wax we strongly recommend you speak with the salon receptionist and your waxing therapists. They will both be able to offer you professional advice & discuss alternatives to the standard wax that they use which may better compliment your skin. Some waxing clients are allergic to ingredients such as beeswax, which can cause little pimples, rashes or bumps to appear on your skin after your waxing appointment.
Some waxing clients can find waxing slightly painful. There a two main ways that people commonly use to reduce the pain during a waxing appointment:
  • Numbing Creams – There are a number of numbing creams created especially for people getting a bikini wax. Ask your waxing therapists for the names of the numbing creams that they recommend.
  • Over-the-Counter Pain Relief – Over the counter pain relief tablets such as Paracetamol & Ibuprofen can help to relive the pain that most people experience during their waxing appointment
We strongly recommend you try to stay calm before and during your waxing appointment, this will really make your wax feel less painful!
Pick a new waxing salon doesn’t need to be as hard as it seems, we make the process extremely easy for you. Here is our quick guide to picking the perfect waxing salon.

Waxing Reputation

Does the waxing salon have a good reputation? This will be the best way to find out if you are picking a good waxing salon. We make it really easy to find out if a waxing salon has a good reputation as our customers leave both normal reviews and video reviews on their experience at the salon.

Qualified Waxing Therapists

Your body is a temple, and should only be waxed by qualified experienced waxing therapists. We partner with waxing salons which have great reputations, when you arrive at the salon we recommend you ask if their therapists are specifically trained in intimate waxing. Checking our salon reviews and video reviews is also a great way of making sure you salon has qualified and experienced waxing therapists.

Hygienic Waxing

Trust your instincts, look around the waxing salon does it look hygienic? Are the floors clean, wax, dirt & dust free? Visit the toilet, you will often be able to quickly tell the hygiene standards of the waxing salon just by looking at how clean their toilet area is. Consider whether you have been provided with clean towels. If you every notice your waxing expert not wearing gloves, or using the waxing spatula more than once we strongly recommend you leave the salon & make an official complaint.

Quality of the Wax Used

When you are at the salon always ask what type of wax the waxing therapist will be using on you. We recommend you never never let a waxing therapist wax your bikini area with anything but hot wax. Hot wax uses a new formula which reduces pain and inflammation. You will notice that your waxing treatment will be much quicker if your waxing therapist uses hot wax.