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Perfect Eyebrows Every Time

Everyday we thread over 100 pairs of eyebrows. Over the past 25 years we have developed our own set of threading techniques to provide you with the perfect eyebrows that suit your face.


Free Colour Tinting

All of our eyebrow threading services include free colour tinting, saving you an extra £10. Our tinting colours include: black, dark, light & medium brown, and leave you with a perfect set of eyebrows.


Experienced Therapists

Our team of experienced female threading therapists specialise in providing our customers with perfectly shaped eyebrows. We use the highest quality medical thread to leave your eyebrows perfectly shaped.

Where Are Our Eyebrow Threading Salons

Oxford Circus (Soho) Salon

In the Heart of Oxford Circus,
5 Minutes From Oxford Circus,
Tottenham Court Road & Piccadilly Circus Stations

Shoreditch Salon

5 Minutes From Liverpool Street & Old Street Stations. Right in the Heart of Shoreditch


City (Aldgate) Salon

Only 5 Minutes From Aldgate East & Aldgate Station and 10 Minutes From Liverpool Street Station

Recent Customer Reviews


Over 4,000 Customer Reviews on Treatwell Beauty Booking Site


Great Service

Really happy with my eyebrows, the therapist seem to be really experienced & knew just how to shape my eyebrows for my face.


Really Friendly

I go regularly to get my eyebrows threaded and I always leave very happy. All the girls are lovely and friendly. The service is quick and good quality. I love this place!


Extremely Professional

Very friendly staff members and everyone is attentive. The treatment has been done professionally. I will go back there again. Thank you!


Frequently asked waxing questions

Threading is hands down the best way to shape beautiful eyebrows and remove excess facial hair. Threading is an ancient technique to remove hair, which has been passed down over generations. It is important that your eyebrow threading is done by a threading specialist like House of Wax. It is not something you should trust general beauty therapists to do. Threading works by rolling twists of cotton gently over your skin to remove hair from your face. Our most popular threading services are: Eyebrow Threading – Where your eyebrows are perfectly shaped to match the structure of your face. Our therapists are expert eyebrow therapists. Upper Lip Threading – Our Upper Lip Threading Service removes all excess hair from your upper lip, removing the appearance of a mustache. Lower Lip Threading – Our Upper Lip Threading Service removes all excess hair from your upper lip, removing the appearance of a mustache. Chin Threading – Chin threading is one of our most popular services. Our experienced threading therapists remove all chair from your chin. Side of Face Threading – Excess side burns can be a common problem for women. Our side of face threading service removes all excess hair from the side our your face.
House of Wax specialises in providing threading services, our threading specialists are just that, threading specialists. Our most common threading services are: Eyebrow Threading – 10 Minutes (Including Free Eyebrow Tinting) Upper Lip Threading – 10 Minutes Lower Lip Threading – 5 Minutes Chin Threading – 10 Minutes Side of Face Threading – 10 Minutes (Both Sides of Face Threaded)
Threading is a lot more gentle than waxing, as it uses rolls of cotton to gently remove the hair from you face, rather than removing layers of skin as facial waxing does. This ensures that threading does not leave your skin red, a common occurrence when you wax your face. Threading is usually a relaxing treatment when done by threading experts and is hands-down the best way to get a beautiful shape to your eyebrows.
Threading is a 100{065743906a8eb4c7badaf270a528c7c12a5975f9d7fe6e6116279d1019954e0f} natural hair removal method, threading uses no wax or chemicals. This is what makes threading perfect for sensitive skin. Threading at House of Wax is far less painful than other hair removal techniques. The roll of cotton gently removes hair from your face, leaving your skin untouched & free from damage. Threading is extremely accurate, which is why threading is used to beautifully shape your eyebrows. Threading even allows individual hairs to be removed & hair can even be removed in lines to create the perfect shape for your eyebrows. Threading picks up all hairs on the surface of your face & removes even really fine hair without damaging the skin on your face. Threading is gentle on your skin, it does not burn, damage the skin or cause allergic reaction like other hair removal techniques. This is exactly why we specialise in threading including eyebrow threading, face threading & chin threading. Threading is perfect for clients who have acne or sensitive skin as it doesn’t damage the skin or hair follicles. Our threading therapists use anti-bacterial cotton to gently remove the hair from your face, leaving your skin untouched.

Address & Contact Information

House of Wax - Oxford Circus

Address: 14 Ingestre Place, Soho, W1F 0JQ

Telephone: 0207 734 4184

House of Wax - Shoreditch

Address: 26 Coronet Street, Shoreditch, N1 6HD

Telephone: 0207 101 9526

House of Wax - City

Address: 19 White Church Lane, Aldgate, E1 7QR

Telephone: 0207 993 2301

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About House of Wax

London's Top Rated Leg & Body Waxing Salon!

House of Wax London

House of Wax was created 25 years ago to provide working professionals with high quality threading & waxing treatments without the usual hassle, fuss & discomfort normally experienced in other beauty salons.

Situated in the Heart of London our focus is on providing convenient threading services that fit around your busy working life.

Our threading services are quick, clean & professional. Over the past 25 years we have developed our own set of threading techniques to provide you with perfect eyebrows